A Whitewater Legend

For those with a sense of adventure, let the river’s roar be your anthem. And for those who seek soothing, let the babbling along the shore calm your spirits. No matter your heart’s desire, the Nolichucky River will allow you to embrace the real, wild side of yourself and the great outdoors. Here you’ll find exactly what you’ve been longing for, you just have to to decide which end of the river will take you to paradise.

115 Miles of Adventure

11 Access Points

Class 3 & 4 Rapids

25 Fish Species

One River, Endless Enjoyment

When the North Toe and Cane rivers converge, adventure begins. Here you’ll experience one of the world’s top whitewater rivers—the Nolichucky River. Tucked away in the peaceful mountains of Unicoi County, Tennessee, the Nolichucky is a magnet for water-loving, outdoor enthusiasts. No matter how relaxed or daring you want your experience to be, with class 3 and 4 rapids at the head of the river and a widening and calming in the lower regions, these waters are a playground for anyone looking to whitewater raft, kayak, paddle board, or tube. But that’s not all this majestic river has to offer.

The river draws fishing enthusiasts to its waters with a diverse bounty of catch opportunities. Whether traditional fishing or fly fishing is your passion, the Nolichucky accommodates either preference well. And thanks to the Erwin National Fish Hatchery, the river’s waters stay well-populated to ensure a satisfying experience. With all species of smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, black bass, rock bass, and musky, and river and rainbow trout in the winter months, there’s plenty of chances to reel in something special.

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Find your flow with USA Raft, or one of the other many rafting businesses offering curated experiences on the this river’s unique waters.

Blue Ridge Paddling

One of the new pioneering outdoor adventure businesses that has recently opened their doors in Unicoi County is Blue Ridge Paddling.

Experience the Nolichucky with the guidance of regional fishing experts. Take a guided fly fishing excursion and see what great memories will end up on your line.

Enjoy the gorgeous views and fun on the water during the day, and drift to sleep on the sounds of the river’s rushing waters.

Make the most of your visit to Unicoi County. Explore the hiking trails along mountains surrounding the Nolichucky to get a whole new perspective on this magnificent river.