Ambition Me Asheville

Every year, more and more who live or work in Asheville find a new place to call home. Just a 30-minute drive from Asheville’s downtown, people move to Unicoi County for a lower cost of living and housing, no state income tax, a respite from daily snarled traffic and a different lifestyle.

Asheville’s extraordinary growth has transformed this small mountain city of architecture and history into one that has optimized its focus on leveraging those assets for commerce. That is why many choose to work in Asheville and raise their families in Unicoi County. Closer to nature and with a vibe that is reminiscent of the early days of “Asheville charm”, those seeking the spirit of Asheville, but without the hassle choose Unicoi County.

Others choose to retire or live in Unicoi County and frequently visit Asheville for its amenities, restaurants, bistros and shopping. No matter the motivation, the drive is one of America’s most beautiful along I-26. This engineering marvel through the Blue Ridge Mountains boasts vista points on both sides of the mountains. At the highway’s peak at the border of the two states is Buckner Gap, the highest (5,000 feet above sea level) elevation on any interstate in North Carolina. You’ll pass by Wolf Laurel, known for its ski resort and over the Appalachian Trail where it runs under the highway so hikers can enjoy their trek in safety.

For those who seek a new home and now travel more than an hour to and from work in a major city, a 30-minute trek along I-26 is a welcome trade for fun or a job.



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