Big Adventures Await in 2022!

Last year, we got together with Matt Moses, Managing Partner of USA Raft, to learn about all the new amenities, tours, adventures, and events that were happening at their facilities.  We have a great article on that conversation to help you learn more about Matt and his team at USA Raft.  They had added so many new experiences to their offerings last year that we thought it’d be a good idea to circle back and find out what they might have up their sleeve for 2022 as more and more people pour into the Unicoi County area looking for adventure and connection with nature.

“We’re so glad you reached out for a conversation again this year,” said Matt. “Last year was a good year for us, and we were proud to offer several new tour experiences to our guests. This year, however, is looking to be an even bigger year for USA Raft and the region.  We’re expanding our facilities, our amenities, our experiences, and our reach within the Unicoi County community.”

USA Raft offers tons of overnight amenities, including pre-set tents with queen beds and linens.

USA Raft offers tons of overnight amenities, including pre-set tents with queen beds and linens.

USA Raft is still offering the same first-class outdoor adventure experiences as they’ve always had, all with professional guides and a focus on making their experiences fun for the whole family.  “One thing that I and my team are focused on with any of our tours and trips—from rafting to rock climbing—is that we make everyone feel safe and respected.  We want every visitor to feel they don’t have to worry and can focus on having a really profound experience,” explained Matt.

The list of things that USA Raft offers includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rafting, Tubing, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards)
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Caving
  • Rock Climbing
  • Full Bar and Grill
  • Camping (RV, Tent, and rented lodging)
  • Event Venue
  • Much More!


What’s New for ‘22?

There’s been a lot of exciting additions at USA Raft over the past year, and it’s never been a better time to make plans to spend a week or more taking in all the amazing beauty, incredible experiences, and first-class hospitality they offer.


A New Property!

One of the biggest new things is that USA Raft now has two properties!  They have improved and expanded their original Jones Branch campground facilities and have also added an all new facility at what they’re calling the Red Bank campus. The new Red Bank property is closer to the Interstate 26 pass through the Appalachian Mountains, making it even more convenient for visitors and guests.  Matt said, “Now we’ve made it even easier for those planning a trip to Asheville to stop by and realize that the real mountain experience is much closer and even easier right here in Unicoi County.”

They’ve also added new lodging options on the the Jones Branch property that includes; 5 Pacific Geo Domes on decks that overhang the legendary Nolichucky River, Restored vintage campers and Airstreams from 1941 – 1975, and also 5 brand new cabins with plumbing, heat, and A/C.


A New Website

The USA Raft team is also going to be launching an all-new website in April to make it even easier for those interested to learn more about everything USA Raft offers.  The new website will provide greater detail on the adventure tours, dining menus, lodging options, and all the events hosted by USA Raft.  The new site will also make it easier to connect with the team to make your reservations, and to engage their social media.


New Dining Options

Another big piece of news for USA Raft is that they are expanding their bar and grill dining experience this year!  They’ve brought on Chef Jessi Fields from Johnson City, TN, to oversee the new dining experience plans, and they’ve cooked up a wide variety of amazing menu items for guests to experience.

New, expanded menu and bar options have been added at The Lodge.

New, expanded menu and bar options have been added at The Lodge.

They’ve also expanded with seating options to now include full-service seating in both the patio, indoor, and new river side dining areas. It’s one of the most picturesque and relaxing restaurants you could have within hundreds of miles.

The bar is open now, and the grill will be opening in the next few weeks.  Go to the website, follow them on social media, or give them a call to find out the official opening information.


New Event Venue Services

This year USA Raft will also be expanding their event venue and management services.  So, if you’re planning a wedding, special occasion, corporate event, or other group celebration give them a call and learn more.  They’ve got a beachfront ceremony location that will make any special occasion the talk and envy of all your guests.

USA Raft has also expanded their catering services and facilities for events so it’s easier than ever to have a memorable event with no stress or headaches.


New and Expanded Adventures

New OneWheel Adventures have been added for the 2022 season.

New OneWheel Adventures have been added for the 2022 season.

USA Raft has also added OneWheel (the single wheel self-balancing ride-on boards) activities to their repertoire.  They offer rentals, safety equipment, and beginner lessons to make sure everyone has a great time learning how to use these amazing new outdoor adventure vehicles. USA Raft is one of the few places in the US that currently offers full lessons on OneWheel operation and safety for outdoor enthusiasts.  There are group rides available as well, and Matt and his team are also adding at least three (3) special all-inclusive OneWheel weekends this year, which will include training, special OneWheel events/activities, food, and accommodations. So, check the website as those dates will be finalized very soon!

USA Raft is also bringing back their rock-climbing program in partnership with Rocky Fork State Park.  This continues to be one of the easiest to access, and most compelling rock-climbing experiences within hundreds of miles.  The USA Raft trained instructors are great at helping less experienced climbers learn the basics and the intermediate skills they will need to progress within the sport.  However, their guided trips are also perfect for more experienced climbers who are looking for a new challenge as the rock faces at Rocky Fork offer a wide variety of routes and styles to keep climbers of any skill coming back for more.  Check the website and give them a call to learn more!


Special Events

As always, USA Raft will be playing host to some of the best outdoor celebrations, concerts, training events, and fun for the whole family this year.  Below are some details about just a few of the many events they’ve already got planned.  Your best option is to follow them on social media to get regular updates about things that are happening.

The first big event, which is coming up this weekend (April 1st) is their Grand Re-Opening Celebration!  You should bring the whole family to help them celebrate Springtime in style with the USA Raft team.  They will have live music, great food, fun activities for all ages, and tours of all the new things available.  The grand re-opening will take place at the Jones Brand (original) property.

Other events that will be coming soon include:

  • Grand Re-Opening – April 2
  • Live Music: Shuffler Sound System, TJ Darnell, The Soulamanders Band
  • Free to the public
  • NoliFest – April 22 & 23
  • Live Music: My New Favorites (April 22) and Dread for Brains/Brushfire Stankgrass (April 23)
  • Scotchie Music Family Reunion – June 17 & 18
  • Performances by Andrew Scotchie & the River Rats, Florence & the Feeling, and Logan Fritz
  • Jerry Garcia Bash birthday celebration – July 31st with Shadow of the Moon band
  • Sol Slam Mountain Jam – September 2 – 5

As you can see, 2022 is shaping up to be another amazing year in the mountains and on the rivers of Unicoi County.  Matt and his team at USA Raft are getting everything prepared to help you make a lifetime of memories.  So, get ready to meet some incredible new people, have some wild fun adventures, and then relax in one of the most serene and scenic campgrounds on the planet.  What more could you ask for?!



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